Mail of the Month - April

Some really nice, Rude comments directly from Google Play:
This app is essential for, and will benefit, beginner through advanced drummers. Easy UI. Swipe left and right to scroll through rudiments, and swipe up and down to control bpm. OR hit your phone's MENU button to open a self explanatory list of features, including my favorite: "EXAMPLES". Click on the EXAMPLES button and you're taken to a website with detailed instructional videos pertaining to the rudiment you are currently studying. Metronome is 100% accurate (let it go through one cycle to adjust itself)
Or, as a Rude Rhythm user writes:
This is my new favorite app!
But just as important as all the great reviews is the user feedback that helps us to improve. Like this comment below a four star rating:
....but horrible sound. It's the drum app with the worst sound I ever heard. I tried more than a dozen of Drum Apps but this sound is without any quality... Anyway it's one of the best Rhythmcollections I've ever seen, a must have for any drummer. Thank you, but please try to update, to amiliorate this sound....
Some investigation shows a problem with the playback engine that will be fixed in the next release, thanks to this helpful drummer.