About Skrivarna Software

Skrivarna Software is located in beautiful Jönköping, by Lake Vättern in southern Sweden. It might be the smallest software company in the world, it certainly cannot be any smaller without ceasing to be a company. Come to think about it, Skrivarna Software might not even formally be a company. Nevermind.

Bernard Mörtsell, CEO

Bernard Mörtsell, Senior Software Engineer

Bernard Mörtsell, Graphic Designer, UX

Bernard Mörtsell, Logistics, Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility Responsible

E-mail: software@skrivarna.com
Address: Skrivarna Software, Spjutkastarv 22, SE-564 34 Bankeryd, Sweden

Facebook: facebook.com/skrivarna
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/skrivarna-software
Instagram: instagram.com/skrivarnasoftware   @skrivarnasoftware
Twitter: twitter.com/skrivarna   @skrivarna