At last: Fakebook annotations!

As a lot of you has told us, Fakebook is a great app. It comes with a large part of the jazz repertoire and by importing your own PDF books, sheet music or chordpro files it can carry all the songs needed. For any gig. All the time. In the pocket. 

However (as you also told us), there's one thing the trunkful of binders could do that the Fakebook app didn't. Annotations.

We all need a reminder from time to time; in which order to take solos, the number of vamps, where the intro starts... And sometimes a visual clue, marking a repeat or a tricky passage, makes all the difference of a performance. A trivial task for pen and paper - not possible with Fakebook. 

Until now.

Apart from a lot of other nice updates, the new Fakebook 1.4.0 features annotation. Choose from a fineline red pen or a half-transparent marker and scribble along! And you can write, draw and mark not only in PDF docs, but also on the built-in jazz charts, chordpro lyrics sheets or any other files you may have imported.

So, it's time: Get rid of all those papers! Get out and play!

Fakebook, available now on Google Play and Amazon.