Mail of the Month - December

Ending a great year with some really nice mails and comments, this time about the small VL-Tone synthesizer:

Still the #1! best performing keyboard app!! Very responsive and realistic VL Tone voices. Great work.

Heh! My girlfriend hated when I would ask to borrow her VL. I spent more hours with it than I did makin' out with her. Shows where my priorities were. This app takes me back, but now I gotta hit eBay to find my own.

Nostalgia Thanks for this. An uncle of mine had one in the early 80's. This retro-app works good! Gonna use it in my home studio, no lagging, plays like the real deal. Sounds true to the original. Highly recommended!

Once again i have to thank you for this app.It is really usable. I listen a lot of internetradio (Fail's audio workshop @ Shoutcast) and when some cute little instrumental comes by I take your app and try to figure out some melody. Since the VL1 is a one-note pony (no chords) you HAVE TO figure out a melody.. Not an easy task but when you do.. It takes you to a Kraftwerk state of mind of total music bliss! I want to thank you for that.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to building even better and more useful apps in 2014 - all thanks to you all!