Fakebook - the Real Vocal Book

Posted by . on Tuesday, October 08, 2013
Nah, maybe not comparable to a real Vocal Book. Not yet. But a lot of musicians wanted to use their beloved Fakebook app also for lyrics. With the new support for importing ChordPro files, this is finally supported.

The ChordPro file format is simple and designed to store lyrics together with the chords. Searching the Internet you can find huge collections of songs in the ChordPro format, both free and for sale. The files may have different extensions -- .chordpro, .chopro, .cho, .crd and .pro are most common.

Most Fakebook features works exactly the same with ChordPro files as with the built-in jazz standards, the iReal b and ABC imports. Most important is the possibility to transpose -- it makes it soo much easier for vocalists.

The Fakebook 1.1.0, available now in Google Play and Amazon.