Mail of the Month - November - Excellent? Useless? PDF Hog?

Excellent app, or useless? Not all users agree according to the Fakebook Pro reviews. But first some practical advice about the PDF import.

Pdf hog I like this app but on newer android it keeps becoming the default pdf app and all pdf docs. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled. Problem persists. now I cannot stop it grabbing all PDF files. Please let me know haw I can reset Fakebook so it does not always download every PDF file.

Generally Android asks about this when first opening a file format.

If a device has installed more than one application that uses PDF files you should get a question similar to "Open with Fakebook Pro?". Depending on if the answer here is "Just once" or "Always" you will keep getting the option to select an app or set Fakebook Pro as the default.

If you make the wrong decision (regarding Fakebook Pro or any other app), you can reset this choice in the Android settings, under Apps, select the app and then "Open by default". It might look a little different depending on make/model/version, but that's the idea. If you can't find it, please let us know.

Excellent app! The ability to sort my own playlists makes my life complete. Love this app and couldn't do without it unless I carry around a few pounds of paper with chords.


Useless Well, it's full of chord charts. But that's about it. Want it to play something? It kicks off youtube or Spotify. Want notes or lyrics? I haven't found any. So unless you want chords, forget it.

So sorry to hear that Fakebook Pro didn't do what you expected. We try to keep the description and website up to date, but we're happy to refund your purchase. We only want completely satisfied customers!

Regarding notes and lyrics, the app itself and the web refers to

Very useful Works well on android. Are there plans for a windows version?

Thanks for the kind words and interest in a ported Fakebook Pro, but sorry to say right now there are no plans for a Windows (or iOS) version.