Mail of the month - August - Split screen, metronome and Spotify

Some questions about how to best use Fakebook Pro for practicing and learning new songs:

From the product description on* "Extremely accurate metronome, stores tempo for each song." Is there actually an audio metronome associated with the app?* "Spotify and YouTube links to reference recordings" Where are those links?
Both the metronome and the Spotify/YouTube links are under the Play menu. In either the action bar or in menu, you'll find a Play icon. Press this to get a dialog with an adjustable metronome as well as options to search Spotify or YouTube, or direct links if available.

How can I choose a split-screen or double-app option that would allow me to see the chart while also hearing the YouTube audio (or even be able to scroll back in the YouTube video to replay certain parts while viewing the chart)? 
From Android Nougat (7.0) and later it is possible to split screen by long-pressing the app switcher button. There's actually a video showing how to do this at