The Real Fakebook

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Well, it definitely took a lot longer than expected to get this app ready, approved and published on Amazon. But now it is time to proudly present:  the Real Fakebook.

  • All the tunes you need – in the pocket.
  • Preloaded with chord progressions for more than a thousand classic jazz standards (perfectly legal, as it is chords only – no melodies).
  • Import songs from other programs.
  • Include pictures from the phone's camera.
  • More than 1500 Spotify and YouTube links to classical recordings of the preloaded songs.
  • Compact, only 600 kB for app and 1200 songs.

I know you love your well-worn Real Book, doggy-eared at all the right places, sharpie-corrected at all the wrong, stained with coffee and beer...
Still, the Fakebook gives you all the tunes you need. In the pocket. And it even looks like The Real Thing.
Fakebook comes preloaded with chord progressions for more than a thousand of the classic jazz standards from The Real Book ed 1,2,3,4,5... Easily add and edit your own songs or import from other formats (e.g. iReal b / iRealBook). Include your precious originals or paper-napkin fakesheets using the phone's camera, import stored photos or scans from the web.

Fakebook is the ultimate tool for practicing. The app includes more than 1500 Spotify and YouTube links for the preloaded jazz standards. Add your favourite links or stored mp3 to any song. Or use the built-in metronome, which synchronizes to the tempo you choose.

Compared with other similar apps:
  • Chord syntax, style, font and looks like the original Real Books.
  • Extremely compact (the app including 1200 songs is only about 600 kB).
  • Local storage, no Internet access needed.
  • Low requirements on resources, no strange permissions.
  • Runs on almost all phones and pads with Andoid 1.6 or above.

You get all this for the lowest price currently allowed on the Android Market. Why? Because I want as many as possible to try it out and provide feedback. Because I need help with deciding what songs to add (yes, I take requests). And because there is a long list of features that will be added, I may need help with prioritizing:
  • Song lists.
  • Transposing.
  • Integrated editor.
  • Zooming/adjustable font size.
  • More import formats (abc, xml, ChordPro, others?)
  • AirTurn wireless pager support
  • ...?

For each upgrade and major new feature added, the price will increase. But, of course, all this will come free for those that download now and help with input to the further development. The introductory price on Amazon will also be used on Android Market and Google Play once published there, but for a few weeks this is an exclusive Amazon app.

Please note: Fakebook is completely legal as the bundled songs are chord progressions only, intended for jazz improvisation. The app does not contain any copyrighted material, such as melody lines. Skrivarna Software strongly support musicians and composers rights to get paid!

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