A few things to celebrate

Posted by . on Monday, January 16, 2012
OK, it's not world peace, a cure for cancer, end of famine, or anything really important. But on a more personal level this weeks highlights include:

  • One-year anniversary of Skrivarna Software's first app on the Android Market.
  • 50.000 downloads of the VL-Tone Synth app.
  • 100.000 downloads in total. (Well, actually that probably happened some week ago, but I missed it. This week the total number of downloads is more like 110.000!)
  • Release of the Fakebook app, Skrivarna's most ambitious project so far.

To celebrate this, Fakebook will be available for an incredible low introductory price, the minimum allowed on the Amazon Appstore. Yes, Fakebook is submitted for approval to Amazon and will premiere there. Keep an eye open there or on this site, and I'll let you know when it is available for download.

What it is? Well, for those that will be interested in using the app, I guess the name and the icon says it all.

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