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  • Fakebook goes Pro

    Faster and better than ever, Fakebook 2.0 is the professional choice. Great new features and 400 more songs...

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  • The Rude Practice Pad

    The Rude Practice Pad is the perfect training tool for drum set players, percussionists, marching bands and drum lines. From student to pro, there is always something you can work on in this selection of drum rudiments and hybrid rhythms....

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  • Fakebook Pro - the Real Book

    The Fakebook Pro sheet music reader is preloaded with chord progressions for 400 rock and pop songs as well as 1200 classic jazz standards. Instantly transpose the collection or individual chord charts to suit the soloist or singer....

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  • An Actually Free Andronome+

    Thousands of pro musicians' gig go-to app! Accurate and transposable chord charts, PDF sheet music, ChordPro, ABC and lyrics; this app handles them all...

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  • Fakebook Pro Sheet Music Reader

    Thousands of pro musicians' gig go-to app! Accurate and transposable chord charts, PDF sheet music, ChordPro, ABC and lyrics; this app handles them all...

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Faster PDF import and better Dropbox, Google Drive integration

Soon to be released (currently in beta testing), the Fakebook Pro 2.9 will allow for faster import of new songs. By analysing thousands of PDF pages, measuring and optimizing the parsers and automatic cropping algorithm, the import process is now much more efficient. Depending on device and PDF quality, the waiting times may be cut in half.

Also in the upcoming version is a new file selection dialog (available from Android 5 and up). This offers seamless integration and direct access to remote storage, like Dropbox folders, OneDrive and Google Drive. Instead of having to open an external app and import files from there, any cloud service integrated with the Android storage subsystem can now be accessed from Fakebook Pro.


By popular demand!

The new Fakebook Pro features new list-filtered find, more detailed search results, tap to page and support for some older devices. Thanks to all users suggesting these improvements, keep 'em coming.

Fakebook Pro 2.8.0, available now from Google Play!


Mail of the Month - December - More Fakebook Import Questions

From the December mails, here's some questions regarding importing and PDF files. Happy new year - and have fun playing!

I have Fakebook Pro but can't find a way to import my PDF files.
If you have PDF files with individual songs you can just put them on your device (phone/tablet) and then import them through the Fakebook menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file.
If you have collections (e.g. books with a lot of songs stored as a single PDF) I really recommend looking at and for hints on how to create indexes for such collections.

I am trying to download load pdf files for volumes of songs from I have them on my
computer but I have to load them individually into your app. I don't
know how to work with the scripts you describe so please advise if there
is a better way for me.
As the songs on that site are stored in individual PDF files (i.e. they are not collected as pages in a PDF book), you'll have to import them one by one. If you put them all on your device (phone/tablet) internal storage, you can then add them via the menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file.
In an upcoming version we will add the possibility to add multiple files at the same time, e.g. to import a complete folder of PDFs, but that feature is not yet ready for release.

Hello, I would like to find out how many PDFs are included in this app.
I am looking for lyrics and chords for many popular songs.
Also, do you have a pop fake book?
There are actually no PDFs included in the Fakebook Pro purchase. For copyright reasons only chord charts are preloaded, but there are over such 1200 jazz standards and 400 pop charts in the app. However, it is very easy to download and import PDFs and some books have scripts for automatic naming and indexing (which really helps). Have a look at to see what's available.
For pop songs I'd say you should look at the script for the Slickbook PDF, otherwise most pop tunes and lyrics are available in Chordpro format (also supported by Fakebook Pro).


The Firehouse Jazz Band - Dixieland Fakebook Script

One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro download page. The Firehouse Jazz Band PDFB script will automatically index and import this book with over 500 tunes.


Mail of the Month - November - Excellent? Useless? PDF Hog?

Excellent app, or useless? Not all users agree according to the Fakebook Pro reviews. But first some practical advice about the PDF import.

Pdf hog I like this app but on newer android it keeps becoming the default pdf app and all pdf docs. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled. Problem persists. now I cannot stop it grabbing all PDF files. Please let me know haw I can reset Fakebook so it does not always download every PDF file.

Generally Android asks about this when first opening a file format.

If a device has installed more than one application that uses PDF files you should get a question similar to "Open with Fakebook Pro?". Depending on if the answer here is "Just once" or "Always" you will keep getting the option to select an app or set Fakebook Pro as the default.

If you make the wrong decision (regarding Fakebook Pro or any other app), you can reset this choice in the Android settings, under Apps, select the app and then "Open by default". It might look a little different depending on make/model/version, but that's the idea. If you can't find it, please let us know.

Excellent app! The ability to sort my own playlists makes my life complete. Love this app and couldn't do without it unless I carry around a few pounds of paper with chords.


Useless Well, it's full of chord charts. But that's about it. Want it to play something? It kicks off youtube or Spotify. Want notes or lyrics? I haven't found any. So unless you want chords, forget it.

So sorry to hear that Fakebook Pro didn't do what you expected. We try to keep the description and website up to date, but we're happy to refund your purchase. We only want completely satisfied customers!

Regarding notes and lyrics, the app itself and the web refers to

Very useful Works well on android. Are there plans for a windows version?

Thanks for the kind words and interest in a ported Fakebook Pro, but sorry to say right now there are no plans for a Windows (or iOS) version.


User Requests Make Fakebook Pro Even Better

Auto-sort song list, key info in list and chord views, Wite-Out/Tipp-Ex tool, contrasting lyrics color and more. Fakebook Pro 2.7 has some really nice additions, all suggested by musicians using the app. All we can say is thanks, keep it coming, and check it out at!


Mail of the Month - October - Import, Sort, Backup and other favourites

Old and new features, this month's mails really are Frequently Asked Questions.
I have been using Fakebook Pro for a few months now, and I LOVE it. However, there is a function I need, and I will explain why:
I need a SORT PLAYLIST function.  (mainly sort by name [alphabetize], but I suppose sort by date might also be useful)
I am not using the default fakebook songs but I am growing my own song library, and I add a few new PDF files each week. So I maintain a MY LIBRARY songlist, and for a weekly gig, I create a temporary playlist.  (typical, I’m sure)
Well, every time I add a new song and add it to the MY LIBRARY playlist, I want it to appear alphabetically in that list. As it is now, I have to manually drag it into alphabetical order, and this is a slow, tedious process, especially when MY LIBRARY contains over 1000 songs. If I could add my new songs, and simply touch a “sort this playlist” command, that would make my weekly updates a LOT faster and easier.
The “auto-sort playlist” feature has been on the to-do for quite some time, but some time ago we actually decided to get it into the planning board and implemented for version 2.9. But as we’re now working on 2.7.0 and the pace of development is quite depending on other commitments (gigs, mostly), your mail prompts us to re-do the planning and include it in 2.7.0, to be released mid-November.

The first thing I wanted to do was BACK UP the library of chord charts included “Facebook” and “Popbook”. I can’t find the files when looking around the Android file system (I’m new to Android, and have a desktop iMac)
Alternatively, can I re-download the library later?  I’m concerned about editing/experimenting/accidentally deleting.
Backing up is always a good idea! Please have a look in the menu->Settings->Database and backup (in the bottom). In this dialog you can initiate a backup as well as import a backup file (in case this is needed). Here you'll also find the option to completely remove or reset the original Fakebook/Popbook songs.

I was able to “add” (import) another Fake Book (Hal Leonard Real Book) but unfortunately Fakebook Pro doesn’t index the song titles; only the 400+ pages.
Is the only way to index to go thru and manually type each title??
There's a short introduction to PDFB scripts, which greatly helps in importing and indexing large PDF collections, at our web page:
Then there's a lot of ready made scripts and some useful examples at (this is also the page you get to if you select the menu->Add new songs->Download from Internet. For instance, some of the most common PDF Real Books are available there.

Your program have note for sax tenor ( Bb)?
Fakebook Pro comes with thousands of chord charts (not melodies) that can be transposed e.g. for sax (look in the Settings in the main menu). When importing other music formats, like PDF, you need to be careful as many of these formats cannot be transposed but most be the right key from the start.
Have a look at where you'll find index scripts for importing e.g. The Bb Real Book (5th ed) and The Creole Jazz Band Fakebook Bb.

What's the best way of getting melodies into this apps database to tunes that are already in there? The same with lyrics?
The most popular way to import jazz melodies and lyrics is to add some of the many Real Book versions in PDF format. Have a look at for some useful links, both to standard Real Books but also to the Vocal Books with lyrics.
Another popular option, which also provides the possibility to transpose charts, is to use ChordPro files for lyrics and chords.


Mail of the Month - September - PDF Import and Organization

Is it possible to merge a 2 page PDF into one file on Fakebook Pro?

The Fakebook Pro database saves all pages individually (to make it possible to split collections, reorder or repeat pages etc). It is recommended to follow the default naming convention of multi-page songs (e.g. "Song Name (1)", "Song Name (2)"), as that allows Fakebook to recognize pages belonging together. In an upcoming version (the feature is on the to-do) the list manager can then "collapse"/"expand" songs which will make sorting easier and provide a better overview.

Another question: is it possible to import a pdf or pic file and have it take on the name of the document as the title automatically? That would save a lot of time!

Yes, Fakebook will automatically suggest the file name as the name of the song, when importing a file.

I don't know if I can import the real books (or sheet music) from my own Windows files, or how.

For a "raw" import, just copy the PDF files to the device (using Bluetooth, USB, mail or any other means). Then open the file via the Fakeebook menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file. Note that this method is best suited for files with single (or a few) songs, for larger collections I really recommend creating scripts for the indexing (see ).

I want to buy and install the Fakebook Pro on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Why can’t I do this? Are you going to allow this to occur soon?

The Fakebook Pro app is built from the bottom up for Android, and it would take a lot of effort to port it to Windows or iOS. Time and money we rather spend on improving the app for the Android users.
There are already a lot of good music readers for iOS, so competing there doesn't really make sense. For Windows users we normally recommend checking out any of the emulated Android environments available (some examples at ). This is not something we test or officially support, but I know several users doing this.


Be ready with Fakebook Pro 2.6

With Android Nougat slowly rolling out to phones and tablets, the Fakebook Pro app gets better than ever. Version 2.6.1 supports the new Multi-Windows mode (more on that later) as well as security updates and improved font handling.

But the new Fakebook Pro also brings some new song and list operations, including the possibility to completely clear the database or restore all the original songs.

Fakebook Pro 2.6.1 - available on Google Play now!


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Mail of the Month - August - More Key Questions

Again, thanks to all Fakebook Pro users - the feedback you provide is invaluable and will help make the app even better!

Love that it's so easy to transpose! Also great with own songs. Would be nice to be able to backup own collection as well as the choice of key.
Thanks for the kind words. Backing up your song database is easy, you'll find it in the menu under Settings->Database and backup. The copy will also include the key you set for the song.

Clef. Is there a Bass Clef Edition?
As the 1600 chord charts included by default in the Fakebook Pro app do not contain notes or melody there is no clef. The chord charts can be transposed to suit Eb, Bb or F instruments, but this is of course not necessary for bass instruments in C key.
Other music you import (e.g. PDF Real Books) must be in a suitable clef and key; we provide links to scripts to index some of the most popular at As you can see there are also Bass clef version for a few of these.

Fingering annotation. Does Fakebook let me annotate with text anywhere on the sheet music? I play piano and need to add fingering numbers.
Fakebook Pro allows annotation on all types of music (both PDF and chord charts), but the current feature is mainly intended for marking chords or passages of music, underlining, strike-through etc. At this point there is no typeset/keyboard input, only finger or stylus drawing, which may pose a problem for adding small details like fingering. But on larger tablets with good stylus support it works fine.


Tasty tunes the Real Books missed


Updated Music Reader Feature Check

The popular Music reader feature check table was just refreshed; thanks to all developers who help keeping this fact sheet up to date.

If you want to compare features and price for some of the most popular music reader apps for Android, iOS and Windows, have a look at the original post at or download the PDF table here.

The table contains info to compare Fakebook Pro with iReal Pro, Gigbook, iGigbook, forScore, OnSong, Mobilesheets Pro, Unrealbook, Musicnotes, Ultimate Guitar, Guitar Tapp and many many more.


Mail of the Month - July - Local Music and Database Storage

Some new questions and comments, fresh from the mailbox:

Where are all these files stored? Can I just go there and delete the ones I don't want all at once? I really like Fakebook allot. The only thing is, sometimes it downloads a whole book that's not labeled and to get rid of it I have to delete song by song. That takes forever!
Sorry to say, but at the moment there is no way to delete a complete list (including the songs it consists of). This is something we have on our to-do list, so it will be implemented in an upcoming version though it is not yet scheduled.
When importing a file each song is parsed individually (depending on format) and stored in a proprietary database. So, while it is possible to delete stuff from the database using external tools, it is not easy and not something we recommend or support.
As the database storage is quite efficient I personally do not delete unused (or unnecessary) songs from my Fakebook installation. As I usually use the search function to find the song to play these “extra” items doesn’t bother much.

How can i get the app to play a local audio file? what is supported for playing audio?
At the moment the app supports searching YouTube and Spotify (and features curated direct links to classic recordings for a lot of songs). Local audio file support is on our to-do list and should be implemented in a future version, but this has actually been down-prioritized as most users seem to rely more on streaming services than on locally stored music.

How do view sheet music pages? Where do I import sheet music PDF from?
There are many ways to download and import sheet music or lyrics in PDF form from books you own or files that are available on the Internet. Please have a look at for some help and links. You can also get to this page directly from within the app, by selecting the menu -> Add new songs -> Download from Internet. If you have a PDF song on your device you can open it in any file manager or via the menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file

Changing song key! This app is really cool, except trying to get a song in a particular key. I wish you could just choose the key instead of trying to transpose by note steps. I used this app at a gig and immediately they called a song in a different key, and I felt pretty stupid trying to figure out how many semitones I had to go to get the song in the right key with everyone staring at me. Other than that embarrassing and tedious feature, awesome.
The Fakebook Pro 2.5.0 is now available for download. In this new version the transpose menu will show both the number of semitones and the target key. No more embarrassing moments!

Pleasantly surprised Works well and has pdf import. Would be nice if search showed what book the song is in, in the event there's duplicates.
In the new Fakebook Pro 2.5.0, when importing via PDFB scripts the name of the originating book (or any other comment) is shown as part of the search result and in the list editor. Thanks!


Fakebook chord and lyrics editor

The Fakebook app contains more than 1600 chord charts, all carefully crafted and proofed.
Still, you might want to modify the layout or change a chord to taste. Add or correct some lyrics.
Or just add a new song or text.

Now Fakebook Pro has a great built-in editor for both chords and lyrics. With a custom chord and symbol keyboard the editor is quick and easy to use, both for small changes and for adding new charts.

The new version also includes an improved transpose function, editable and searchable comments and book names, along with other updates and fixes.

Fakebook Pro version 2.5.0 is available now from Google Play and Amazon.