Mail of the month - November - Chord editor and i18n

Posted by . on Tuesday, December 04, 2018
This months mails highlights some questions about the chord editor and internationalization (i18n):

What do the icons Cb and T do?
The "Cb" icon enables you to edit the chords (which is the default editing mode), while the "T" icon lets you edit or insert text/lyrics. This text layer is enabled when you import e.g. a chordpro song (with both chords and lyrics), but you can add a text layer to any chord chart.

Why does the chord text suddenly get really narrow when editing and yet the rest of the chords are normal size?
You are probably trying to squeeze to much chords in on each line. Fakebook Pro will not break lines anywhere, but does its best to honor the 4/6/8 bars per line setting. So, if you don't insert any tabs and bar lines (a bar line will automatically also insert a tab space) or manually break the line with an enter/return, the chord symbols will be scaled to fit. If they are to narrow to read comfortably, change the settings or manually break the line. 

Czy jest w aplikacji język polski?
No, sorry. The Fakebook Pro app is only available in English at this point.
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