Mail of the month - October - Cloud drive and other questions

Posted by . on Friday, November 02, 2018
The Fakebook Pro app runs smoothly on the tablet of our singer. But now I got a problem! However, I now want to use an old Android tablet as a backup at gigs (Android 4.2.2 - Jelly Bean). Installing Fakebook did not cause any problems, however, when I wanted to add my songs, I was not able to find my Google Drive. I have access to the drive at this tablet. Maybe I'm doingsomething wrong and you can help me?
The native file browser support for cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc wasn't introduced in Android until 5.0, this is why you cannot see it directly from Fakebook Pro.
However, if you use the Google Drive app to browse your files and tap a supported format (like a PDF or PDFB script), you should get a question whether to open this in Fakebook Pro. Alternatively, you can tap the "three dots" icon on the file tile and then select "Open with" in the dialog. This should also allow you to select Fakebook Pro.

I currently use iKlip Stage, which is a disappointment, and I amccontemplating buying Fakebook Pro, but cannot find info on this:
* PDF on Android: does Fakebook use its own built-in PDFcreader, or the OS installed one? I must say iKlip's PDF reader is of much higher quality than PDF reader apps on Android.
* From what I read on your websites, it is possible to load one's ownccreated PDF files?
* How does scrolling through multiple page scores work? Can a Bluetoothcfoot-switch be used?
* Must one be online to use Fakebook?
* How many pages of PDF can Fakebook handle? iKlip takes a very long time to load just plain text files exceeding 3 pages. And its playlist crashes easily after loading several files -- far too few for live gigging.
  • On Android versions later than 5.0, Fakebook Pro uses the Android native PDF parser when importing the files. On older versions a proprietary and rather slow parser is used. When showing the resulting pages a very quick bitmap view is used in both cases.
  • Yes, you can load your own music.
  • Any footswich that uses the standard keyboard emulation can be used, this include all products from AirTurn and PageFlip, both two- and four-pedal models. The two-pedal version from IK (BlueTurn)  should work, though I have not tested it myself. The four-pedal version from IK will likely NOT work, as they use some proprietary protocol.
  • No, Fakebook Pro requires no internet connection.
  • There is no hard limit on the number of pages, you are more likely to run into problems with storage space on your device. Regarding speed: as Fakebook Pro does the PDF parsing (which may be slow) already at import time, the searching, browsing, paging and displaying is quick. On most modern phones and tablets it should be instantaneous.  

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