Mail of the month - March - A more usable app

Posted by . on Tuesday, April 03, 2018
I happily downloaded and use the Facebook Pro app on an 13inch Android Tablet. It has just the features I want and like and it's a very handy tool for my live performances as a singer/guitarplayer.

There are two features I know that are working, but I can't seem to get a constant way of using the following features:

When I have my setlist/playlist of songs in front of me, I sometimes try to drag songs to another position. For instance the third song I want to put at the first position. I drag it with my finger or thumb, but this is most of the time not working. The screen usually gives a pop-up screen where I can add or remove the song to/from a playlist. What is the trick here I am missing? I tried positioning my finger/thumb in all kind of ways, but it usually doesn't want to drag a song.
There's no "trick" other than to touch-and-hold as close to the "handle" (at the edge) as possible. But I agree that this is not always so easy and the Android library used to implement this drag-and-drop feature works better on some devices than on others... Unfortunately this is a known issue that has been hard to fix. So, in the next version (3.0) this list will be completely replaced with a much more modern and easy to use solution. There is still a lot of testing needed before release, but this will eventually be fixed, I promise you!

When I'm in a song text and want to go to the next or previous song text, I tap with my finger on the screen (usually on the edges) but it is also a coincidence if the page is turning. It works, but a lot of times it doesn't and the green menu on top of the screen comes down. What is the trick here to make page-turning work constantly?
You can swipe left or right to change song, or tap at the edges. On the current version the "tap area" is defined to be the outer 1/7 of the screen, but you are no alone in thinking that this is too small to work reliably. So in the next version this area will be slightly larger (1/5 on each side).

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