Good vibrations

Posted by . on Saturday, January 15, 2011
The smallest and most efficient vibrator control on the Market. Family friendly and workplace safe, it is guaranteed to give you Good Vibrations.

No application needed, just a widget that enables and controls the vibrator of the phone. Why you would like to do that is none of my business. Use it for whatever you fancy. For example:
* Quickly drain the batteries if you don't like to carry the extra electrons around and want to reduce weight.
* Excite the catalyst when inventing cold fusion or stirr the aqua regia for your alchemy.
* Use the phone as a pneumatic drill to get rid of annoing concrete things in your neighbourhood. Given enough time this app will bring down barriers between east and west, north and south, rich and poor, unite religions and cultures and give world peace. But please read the product disclaimer and don't hold your breath.
* Buy a lot of phones and duct-tape them to your office stool and you've made your own Shiatsu massage chair.

Please download this free version. Don't wait for the paid upgrade, as it might be called Shake, rattle and roll, be optimized for tablet, iPad, iTable, iMat or whatever, while offering enhanced user experience, off the chart performance and the-sky-is-the-limit functionality, inducing sensual arousal and earthquaqes. Or not.

Note: Good Vibrations is a widget only, there are no separate application or configuration menu. After reading some of the comments from users that fail to see the difference, here is a short explanation: After downloading and installing there will not be any new icon amongst the applications on your phone, but if you open the menu to add a widget to your homescreen (exactly how this is done differs between phone models) you will find it there. Just add the widget to your home screen and enjoy. Plain and simple, for your pleasure.

Don't hesitate to contact the developer for support, via mail or the comment field below. So far the widget is shown to work on all tested phones.