Mail of the Month - November

Posted by . on Friday, November 30, 2012
Two nice, but still balanced, Fakebook comments from Google Play:
This is getting to be very good!
For the price this is amazingly good. I'm very happy. The default "Real Book" font is very hard to read on my Galaxy Nexus but the ability to change to a more readable font AND adjust the size makes it perfect for reading - especially in landscape mode. 
Only complaints: "Paging" through the book - either by swiping or using the "next" button is inconsistent. You don't get the next alphabetical tune - it seems to skip through some but next time you page from the same place you get different ones. Fortunately there is an index list and a search mode. 
I haven't tried importing tunes or the editor yet but hopefully a future upgrade will also include the ability to edit the tunes installed with the software. I don't like that I have to install Spotify on my phone to listen to the tunes. Not sure what a viable alternative would be, though. 
Other than that I highly recommend this app.
Good for price.
This thing looks great and it has a lot of tunes. It's so much easier to have and carry around for practicing than a real book. 
I'd like to see music options other than spotify because it's kinda inconsistent on working. And a good feature with the irealb was that is had playback so you could hear how things went together with playing a solo over the changes so that would be nice to have but overall for being so much less money especially this is great!

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