Mail of the Month - May

Posted by . on Friday, May 31, 2013
Well, well, what can I say... The latest release of the Fakebook app was not the immediate success I hoped for. The new menu and action bar search really stirred up some feelings; here are just a few examples of mails to the Skrivarna Software support:
I bought your app the Fake Book/Real Book(for android os) last year.
Being a professional musician in New Orleans, it is an important tool for my work. However, the most recent UPDATE has a major flaw. What happened to the INDEX?? I no longer see a function to view the index of song titles.
I can no longer browse the list of titles?? Very lame!
I bought this app a couple of months ago and was very happy with it - just what I wanted and great value.
However, after the last update that changed the search function, the search does not work properly on my phone so I can't use it. Please fix this, or change it back! It worked perfectly before (when the search function was on the menu at the bottom, not at the top if the page).
I really liked this app and I want to use it again - very handy for gigging as well.
Please fix this fast!
As for the initial question about the redesign, I will not make any excuses, but I can at least offer an explanation to what happened in the last update:
The previous menu system was getting old and didn't work properly on newer phones, and furthermore some users were confused by the lack of action bar etc (as this is an important part of most modern Android apps). So I had to do some redesign, but unfortunately didn't fully understand the usefulness of the index dialogue. I thought a more accessible search function would be better, but you are not the first users telling me how wrong I were...

So, I will keep the new search but also re-implement an index. It might take a little while (as I have a day job as well), but if this is not acceptable to you I will be happy to refund you whatever you paid for the app. Just let me know.

And again, thanks a lot for the feedback!

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