Mail of the Month - July

Posted by . on Thursday, July 25, 2013
I really like the fact that you have put all the changes together. I have an  iPhone and Galaxy that I switch between regularly when battery dies and was wondering if I download could I use on both of my phones. Currently I do not have ireal book on my Samsung.
So, basically this program is the same as irealb but for android and it has all of the changes to all of the real book songs or is it just a chord chart with all of the songs loaded?
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No, there is no relation between iRealb and Fakebook, the apps have different developers and different features. The most important difference is that Fakebook lacks the playback ("auto accompaniment"), so if you really need this please go for iRealb. 

But Fakebook will import songs in iRealbook and iRealb formats, and already have "The Real Book 1200 songs" playlist pre-loaded, so if you need a low cost alternative the Fakebook app may suit your needs.

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