Mail of the Month - November

Posted by . on Sunday, November 30, 2014
Time for some frequent questions again. Some of them so frequent that they are already included in the FAQ (in one form or another):
Where are the notes? I can only find charts with chords - in the description but notes were to be seen...
It is quite clear from the app description that the app contains chord sequences only -- due to copyright the melodies cannot be included. However, for "original" Real Books, please visit and to automatically import and index these.

Nice app Good app, but is it possible to transpose a score? How?
You can find the transpose function in the menu, in the lower or upper right corner depending on device (the icon is three dots). The "transpose" menu will change key of the currently selected song, while the "settings" menu allows you to transpose all the songs (to get e.g. a Bb Real Book).

Fakebook No lyrics! And no songs included that anyone would want to hear! Big disappointment.
Due to copyright melodies and lyrics cannot be included, but they are very easy to import. Please have a look at And "no songs included that anyone would want to hear"? Seriously? Maybe you should look for something else than a Real Book app.

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