Mail of the Month - July - Local Music and Database Storage

Posted by . on Friday, July 29, 2016
Some new questions and comments, fresh from the mailbox:

Where are all these files stored? Can I just go there and delete the ones I don't want all at once? I really like Fakebook allot. The only thing is, sometimes it downloads a whole book that's not labeled and to get rid of it I have to delete song by song. That takes forever!
Sorry to say, but at the moment there is no way to delete a complete list (including the songs it consists of). This is something we have on our to-do list, so it will be implemented in an upcoming version though it is not yet scheduled.
When importing a file each song is parsed individually (depending on format) and stored in a proprietary database. So, while it is possible to delete stuff from the database using external tools, it is not easy and not something we recommend or support.
As the database storage is quite efficient I personally do not delete unused (or unnecessary) songs from my Fakebook installation. As I usually use the search function to find the song to play these “extra” items doesn’t bother much.

How can i get the app to play a local audio file? what is supported for playing audio?
At the moment the app supports searching YouTube and Spotify (and features curated direct links to classic recordings for a lot of songs). Local audio file support is on our to-do list and should be implemented in a future version, but this has actually been down-prioritized as most users seem to rely more on streaming services than on locally stored music.

How do view sheet music pages? Where do I import sheet music PDF from?
There are many ways to download and import sheet music or lyrics in PDF form from books you own or files that are available on the Internet. Please have a look at for some help and links. You can also get to this page directly from within the app, by selecting the menu -> Add new songs -> Download from Internet. If you have a PDF song on your device you can open it in any file manager or via the menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file

Changing song key! This app is really cool, except trying to get a song in a particular key. I wish you could just choose the key instead of trying to transpose by note steps. I used this app at a gig and immediately they called a song in a different key, and I felt pretty stupid trying to figure out how many semitones I had to go to get the song in the right key with everyone staring at me. Other than that embarrassing and tedious feature, awesome.
The Fakebook Pro 2.5.0 is now available for download. In this new version the transpose menu will show both the number of semitones and the target key. No more embarrassing moments!

Pleasantly surprised Works well and has pdf import. Would be nice if search showed what book the song is in, in the event there's duplicates.
In the new Fakebook Pro 2.5.0, when importing via PDFB scripts the name of the originating book (or any other comment) is shown as part of the search result and in the list editor. Thanks!

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