Mail of the Month - October

Posted by . on Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Do you have plans to make this fake book app available for the Microsoft Surface? Please make it available!!
After some investigation to see what different possibilities there are for supporting the Microsoft mobile OSs, we are not likely to port Fakebook (or any of our other apps). And if we were, iOS would still have the highest priority. Right now just keeping the Android versions up-to-date is more than enough to do...

Of course, things may change depending on market trends and what musicians like you and me requests. But at the moment there are no such plans. Sorry!

I am loving this app!  I use it all the time. I see the new update says you have now added lyrics, which is the icing on the cake, but I don't know how to make them visible...please advise....thanks again for a great app......
As you have noticed, the latest version of Fakebook can include and show song lyrics thanks to the new ChordPro support (the iReal b and ABC formats don't carry lyrics).

So, write your charts in the ChordPro format or search the Internet and add songs to Fakebook (through Menu->Import->Internet). The page that opens has a link to the famous On Line Guitar Archive (OLGA), but there are a lot of other song libraries and search engines for ChordPro.

However, like the original Real Books and fakebooks, there are no lyrics in the 1200 included jazz standards.You have to find (or write) and import them yourself, as lyrics and melodies are protected by copyright and cannot be published legally in an app at this price.

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