Mail of the Month - November

Posted by . on Saturday, November 30, 2013
Another month with a lot of great feedback. Thanks, keep it coming! This time the focus will be on Fakebook, highlighting some of the new features and the road map ahead:

Thanks for the great fakebook app - very handy and easy to use.  Any plans to add backing tracks/chords similar to ireal?
Some kind of play-along/backing/band-in-the-box feature is definitely on the list. However, something good enough to be useful would require huge efforts (probably one of the reasons iReal Pro costs 6 times as much as Fakebook...). So, at the moment the focus is to provide functionality currently not in iReal Pro or any of the other competitors. That means we'll be adding file formats and features useful for live performances.

But I'm sure we will come back to the question of playback, so stay tuned.

I'm struggling to import 2 page charts into The Fakebook app. I've tried naming them Songtitle P1 and Songtitle P2 but they don't necessarily always follow each other when swiping to the next page.These are my Sibelius Lead Sheet arrangements imported as jpg files into Fakebook. Is there a merge page or add page function or other possibilities that I'm not aware of to enable me to do this.
Sorry to say, there's currently no method for merging imported image pages. This is likely a feature that will be added soon, as it is so useful also for the PDF import. So for the moment you are doing the right thing, naming the pages to be sorted correctly in the "All songs" mode. Setting up your own song lists the pages can be sorted any way you like.

As for the page turning problems, previous Fakebook versions have had a proprietary mechanism for swiping that worked fine in most cases, but was erratic on some devices. This is now replaced with the standard Android swipe.

While evaluating your product, it became evident that your files actually do not contain lyric content -- which is the main reason I was excited to purchase it. On your Google Play product window this was not an explicit warning to me.
Sorry to hear that the Fakebook app didn't meet your expectations. I will clarify the Google Play description, the text on our website details the lyrics support and we have no intention to hide this.

The reason for not including lyrics in the app purchase is due to copyright. The lyrics are protected and cannot be sold in a product at this price, i.e. the same reason as for not including melodies. Only the chord progressions can be legally distributed this way.

I have purchased Fake Book from you for Android and it states that it will run on all my devices...I have it downloaded on my phone but I can not find the way to get in on my I Pad which is where I really need it...Would you please instruct me how to do so..
Currently Fakebook is Android only, there is no iOS version. So when Google Play states that an app works on "all your devices", it actually means "all your Android devices".  Maybe you should contact Google and let them know that there are users with both Android and Apple products, they seem to ignore that fact...

Anyway, if this means you cannot use the Fakebook app in the way you intended, we're happy to offer you a refund. Just let me know - we only want completely satisfied customers.

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