Rude users guide

Posted by . on Thursday, March 10, 2011
To suit the many different users and androids out there, Rude can be controlled in a few different ways. See which ones you like the best.

The obvious one
Use the menu button and press play (to play/pause), reverse (to change rudiment to the previous) or forward (to change to the next). Tempo is adjusted via a slider control and examples are opened at the touch of a button.
Some settings are also available only using this menu.

The iWay
Use the touch screen and swipe up to increase tempo, down to decrease it. The change is proportional to the velocity of the swipe. Swipe left to go to the next rudiment (like if you are paging through a book). Right will page you back to the previous one.
A quick tap on the screen starts the metronome, tap again to stop it. Long press opens the browser with the examples of this rudiment.

The convenient control
If you have a headset with media control the play, reverse and forward buttons will work as expected. They will play and move you to the previous or next rudiment. If the headset has a volume control, this will work too.

The hard way
Phone with real hardware buttons are supported like this:
Up/down will change the tempo.
Left/right will change the rudiment.
Middle button plays and pauses.
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