Fakefont specimen

Posted by . on Wednesday, September 05, 2012
The greatest improvement in version 0.9.5, and certainly the most requested by the Fakebook users, is the ability to change font. The chords page can now be presented in one of four typefaces, optimized for different environments and users.

Select a font that suit you, in the Settings menu:
The original Fakebook font, similar to the handwritten style of the early Real Book editions. As a musician, you feel instantly at home with this font -- but it must be admitted that it is not always easy to read.

The Jazz Ink font preserves the familiar handwriting theme, but in a slightly more compact and easier to read style.

The Sans Serif font requires the most screen real estate and not all phones can afford this. So, while probably easiest to read individual chords, the complete fake sheet may suffer if not four bars fit in a row.

Sans Narrow aims to fix some of the problems with the Sans Serif font, while still retaining the legibility.

Also, note that both the Sans presentation styles abandon the traditional Real Book notation of "-" for minor chord and uses "m" instead.