Mail of the month - May - Tab characters and font scaling

Posted by . on Saturday, June 02, 2018
Some really nice comments (via mail and on Google Play) this month. Thanks a lot for the feedback, keep it coming!

Loves the app and how they can manage the key and sorting playlists. Only one thing that I need in this app is two finger zoom (if it possible in the next update.) Thanks to all developers who made this useful app.
Thanks, glad to hear you are happy with the app. Two finger (pinch) zooming as well as three finger scaling of chord fonts is in the app, and now also enhanced by the auto-scaling of fonts (to make sure there are always 4/8 bars per line).

Great app! Comes with chord charts, but the real value is that you can import PDF charts and index the songs. Following the add songs, download from internet link has many books to get started. Additionally you can mark up pages, make set lists, etc. Well worth the money.

I wrote this song, correcting an unfinished tune in the database. Made it look nice, then when returning to songs after editing, it comes back looking unreadable. 
From the look of chart I guess there are some tabs (tab characters) missing. Normally there are tabs inserted automatically when you use one of the bar lines (as well as reprise), but in this case there seems to be bar lines without tabs.

The tab characters are used to make sure bar lines line up in the chart, but in Fakebook 3.0 they are also used as a hint to the new "auto-squeeze" feature (which is why the chart you sent looks so strange).

Perhaps you by mistake happened to delete the tabs, and maybe replaced them with spaces (to line up) instead? Try to add them again and see if this helps. 

What is tab? Like on a typwriter? (Move known spaces to the right? If so, I'd think tab and space bar should be interchangeable, no?)
The tab key is to the left of the keyboard (shaped like a long arrow), just like on a typewriter. However, in computer science the tab char is different (and treated differently) from a space character. In most software this property is used to provide fixed width tab stops, just like in Fakebook Pro.

Normally you don't need to insert any tab chars manually (just if you want to put e.g. a second reprise ending out to the right), it will be set automatically when you type a bar line or reprise. But if you happen to delete it you can easily add it again with the tab key (instead of adding several space characters). 

The other day, one of the PDF's that I imported was rotated 90 degrees. I can't figure out how to UN-rotate it. Any advice before I delete and re-import?
You can rotate individual pages in the metadata editor (action bar, keyboard icon), just touch the thumbnail to rotate.

If you're gigging regularly, this is a must. You can transpose, edit and annotate. Brilliant.

Still good, congratulations to the developers ))

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