Andronome – professional metronome for musicians

Posted by . on Monday, September 05, 2011
Andronome. Totally. Professional. Metronome. For free. 'Nuff said.

The musicians metronome - simple, professional, accurate.

Andronome is designed to keep time, and to do it well. Simple in appearence and use, it contains the most precise metronome engine available. But no cluttered user interface and no unnecessary bells or whistles.

With Andronome you'll get:

  • Sample-accurate ticks.
  • Clearly visible screen indication.
  • Tempo adjustable between 20 and 240 BPM.
  • Start and stop via touch screen, hardware buttons, headset.
  • Tap tempo directly on screen.
  • Large BPM numbers (visible from a distance, e.g when lying on the stage floor).
  • ...and that's about it!

This metronome is made to be the professional choice, giving the working musician exactly what is needed. No more, no less. And completely for free! (No, there's no catch: no hidden fees, no advertising, no time limits.)

If you for some reason think you need more features, please check out the other metronomes available on the Android Market. There's plenty of choice out there. Andronome will be kept simple. And free.

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