How to use the Andronome metronome

Posted by . on Monday, September 05, 2011
There are often several ways to get at the most important functions of the Andronome metronome. Most users will prefer to use the touch screen, like this:

  • Tap the screen once to start the metronome.
  • Long press (touch and hold) the screen to stop.
  • Adjust the tempo by swiping the finger over the screen. Fling or swipe up to increase the BPM, down to decrease it. The tempo change is proportional to the velocity of the swipe.
  • Tap the tempo on the screen, Andronome will adjust to the tapped tempo.

You may also use the menu to start, stop and set tempo. Or the hardware buttons. And why not try the remote control on your headset?

You may also use the menu to button and press play/stop. Tempo is adjusted via a slider control and the short usage welcome screen can be shown.

If you have a headset with media control the play/pause button will work as expected. If the headset has a volume control, this will work too.

Phones with real hardware buttons are supported like this:
Up/down will change the tempo while the middle/fire/OK button plays and pauses.
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