Rude Practice Pad

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The Rude Practice Pad is the perfect drum training tool. From student to pro – there is always something you can work on in this selection of drum rudiments and hybrid rhythms. From phone to pad or tablet – this app adapts and provides large, crisp notation together with easy search and navigation. From silent night to full band practice – select visual indication, metronome or play along with a selection of real snare drum sounds. From school to self-studies – the many ways to list and sort, together with up to date suggestions and video lessons makes this the best tool for any drummer. And it's social too.

The Rude Practice Pad app will:

  • Show and play all 40 official drum rudiments, with name and order according to PAS (Percussive Arts Society).
  • Show and play 100 of the most common hybrid rudiments.
  • Let you select different snare drum sounds for the playback. 
  • Realistically reproduce even flams, diddles and press rolls, thanks to the new sound engine and sample player. 
  • Visually indicate where you are in the pattern, synchronized with the built-in metronome.
  • Navigate quickly and intuitively between rudiments and tempos. 
  • Suggest rhythms to practice, including a “Rudiment of the day” feature.
  • Sort and list rudiments according to the essential, original, standard, the quadrants etc.
  • Share rhythms via mail or Bluetooth. Post on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter.  
  • Keep the tempo using the most accurate metronome engine available on Android.
  • Allow tempo adjustments between 20 and 240 BPM.
  • Link to textual descriptions and instructional videos showing all the 40 official rudiments, on pad and examples applied to drum set. (The videos and examples are published at

Still it is small (less than 0.7 MB including all images and sounds!), requires no strange permissions or Internet access, is easy to use and – not to forget – affordable.

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