Mail of the Month - June

Posted by . on Sunday, June 30, 2013
I bought your rudiments and love it.
I also bought the real book but am concerned about copyrights. Do you pay royalties for the use? If not, could I get a refund?
Thanks for what you do and your time.

Thanks for your kind words and for your concerns about song copyrights. As stated on the Skrivarna/Fakebook web page, I strongly support musicians and composers rights to get paid!

Rest assure that the Fakebook app is completely legal. It contains only the chord progressions of songs, and the chords are not subject to copyright (I'm not sure what the correct legalese English term is, but the Swedish equivalent is something like "artistic height"). That is also why the most common complaint from Fakebook users is - and will continue to be - the lack of melody line and lyrics. Those are protected by copyright and will never be part of the app.

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