2.0 – Fakebook Goes Pro

Posted by . on Saturday, November 28, 2015
After a far too long wait, it's finally time to release Fakebook 2.0. And it is so good that we decided to upgrade the name as well: Skrivarna Software are proud to present the Fakebook Pro!

But don't worry, unlike some other music reader apps, if you have previously bought Fakebook you can download the Pro version free of charge. And if you haven't, the Fakebook Pro is still ridiculously affordable. Just go to Google Play and check it out!
  • Over 400 songs added, mostly rock and pop, from ABC to Your Song, from AC/DC to Zappa.
  • New page caching and swiping animation for even faster and smoother page turns.
  • Optional 2-up mode, perfect for large landscape tablets.
  • New import options for iReal b and iReal Pro, even better PDF handling.
  • Usability updates and bug fixes.
  • Optimized, faster, better memory utilization.
Highway to Frank.