Mail of the Month - September - PDF Import and Organization

Posted by . on Friday, September 30, 2016
Is it possible to merge a 2 page PDF into one file on Fakebook Pro?

The Fakebook Pro database saves all pages individually (to make it possible to split collections, reorder or repeat pages etc). It is recommended to follow the default naming convention of multi-page songs (e.g. "Song Name (1)", "Song Name (2)"), as that allows Fakebook to recognize pages belonging together. In an upcoming version (the feature is on the to-do) the list manager can then "collapse"/"expand" songs which will make sorting easier and provide a better overview.

Another question: is it possible to import a pdf or pic file and have it take on the name of the document as the title automatically? That would save a lot of time!

Yes, Fakebook will automatically suggest the file name as the name of the song, when importing a file.

I don't know if I can import the real books (or sheet music) from my own Windows files, or how.

For a "raw" import, just copy the PDF files to the device (using Bluetooth, USB, mail or any other means). Then open the file via the Fakeebook menu -> Add new songs -> Import local file. Note that this method is best suited for files with single (or a few) songs, for larger collections I really recommend creating scripts for the indexing (see ).

I want to buy and install the Fakebook Pro on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Why can’t I do this? Are you going to allow this to occur soon?

The Fakebook Pro app is built from the bottom up for Android, and it would take a lot of effort to port it to Windows or iOS. Time and money we rather spend on improving the app for the Android users.
There are already a lot of good music readers for iOS, so competing there doesn't really make sense. For Windows users we normally recommend checking out any of the emulated Android environments available (some examples at ). This is not something we test or officially support, but I know several users doing this.

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