Mail of the Month - August - More Key Questions

Posted by . on Thursday, September 01, 2016
Again, thanks to all Fakebook Pro users - the feedback you provide is invaluable and will help make the app even better!

Love that it's so easy to transpose! Also great with own songs. Would be nice to be able to backup own collection as well as the choice of key.
Thanks for the kind words. Backing up your song database is easy, you'll find it in the menu under Settings->Database and backup. The copy will also include the key you set for the song.

Clef. Is there a Bass Clef Edition?
As the 1600 chord charts included by default in the Fakebook Pro app do not contain notes or melody there is no clef. The chord charts can be transposed to suit Eb, Bb or F instruments, but this is of course not necessary for bass instruments in C key.
Other music you import (e.g. PDF Real Books) must be in a suitable clef and key; we provide links to scripts to index some of the most popular at As you can see there are also Bass clef version for a few of these.

Fingering annotation. Does Fakebook let me annotate with text anywhere on the sheet music? I play piano and need to add fingering numbers.
Fakebook Pro allows annotation on all types of music (both PDF and chord charts), but the current feature is mainly intended for marking chords or passages of music, underlining, strike-through etc. At this point there is no typeset/keyboard input, only finger or stylus drawing, which may pose a problem for adding small details like fingering. But on larger tablets with good stylus support it works fine.

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