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Posted by . on Monday, May 08, 2017
Some kind words and a common question to add to the FAQ:

I just started working with this app, and Wow!

I am a little confused about a 2014 post (Fakebook - the Real Vocal Book - Part 2) I saw on your site. Is this saying there's an easy way to pull in lyrics for those Fakebook and Popbook songs already in app? I'm a singer, and have imported the whole Real Vocal Book, but would really like more songs w lyrics.

The post you are referring to mentions the Real Vocal Book (that you have already imported) and the Slickbook 1 and 2 which also contain lyrics for a lot of popular (mostly 80's) songs. There are also lyrics in some of the trad jazz books, but there is no complete collection for all the 1600 songs included by default. As I'm sure you understand, this is mostly due to copyright.

If there are publicly available PDF collections with lyrics that you'd like us to help index and publish I'm happy to look into it. Otherwise the easiest way to find lyrics seems to be to search for ChordPro files. These are easy to import to Fakeook Pro, though some may require cleaning up and slight adjustments afterwards, depending on which application was used to save the song. There's a link (on ) to an old archive called Olga, which has a lot of ChordPro songs, but I know that many users find the songs they need through other sources.

Recently I picked up a VERY last minute gig. The artist primarily performs lots of pop covers of a wide variety of artists. I bought the app just before the gig started. On a break I fumbled through and found a song the leader suggested. Without this app it would have been a train wreck. Thanks to this app, I hit the changes on the spot. It paid for itself immediately. Now I'm taking time to get to know app. I love that you can tranpose. A ton of tunes for a buck. Awesome. It beats fumbling through or having to write out (hopefully correct changes) of a unknown tune on the fly.

This has so many tunes. You can transpose them into any key, the chords are pretty good, and you can set it to override the power saying setting. This app is worth the cost!

I absolutely will never be without tis app!....unless they come out with a new Much easier to travel with than a copy of the real book and a metronome.😆

1600 transposable songs will get you through most gigs. Fortunately they have most of the rest of the real books but they aren't transposable. For modern stuff, check their web site. Give 'em credit, this app just keeps improving itself and isn't $15. A lot more transposable charts that aren't on the original download. Help desk on this one is killer! They actually e mail back.

And, just to show some balance in the reviews:

Worst interface ever, this app is really useless,  ...

in a nutshell hated it, very amateurish.

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