Zoom In On Fakebook Pro 2.10

Posted by . on Sunday, May 21, 2017
The latest Fakebook Pro version 2.10, just released to Google Play, has some simple but really useful new features: zoom, pan and font scale.

Zoom and pan works just as you'd expect - pinch and swipe with two fingers. This not only means that you can manually crop a page if the automatic import doesn't fit, but also that you can zoom in to make precise annotations or corrections.

These gestures are second nature to most smartphone users and will probably be used a lot. But another new gesture deserves special mention - the three-finger-pinch. "Zooming" with three fingers will scale the fonts used in the transposable chord charts and lyrics. This is a convenient way to optimize each chart in a way that hasn't actually been possible before.

Some songs has just a single chord per bar and can benefit from using a large font. But other songs has so complex changes that four bars might not fit on a single row, which makes them hard to read. In previous versions of Fakebook Pro, where font scale has been a global setting, this has been a problem. But now, with a simple three-finger-pinch, you can adapt the font size to each individual song. Check it out!